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San Francisco Twin Row Houses Inner City Kitty Condo Interiors
California Ranch - L shape Midwestern Barnhaus Manhattan Kitty Penthouse


  • They can be placed on a porch, patio, terrance, or balcony; in a courtyard or garden; or inside your apartment or home.
  • Features include tinted plexiglas sliding doors and windows, hardwood floors, decks with removable built-in plastic pools for food and water dishes, canvas awnings, skylights, interior lighting, exotic detailing, and Persian rugs.
  • Construction techniques are of highly skilled and crafted labor using the latest machine and technological equipment for working in wood, plastics, metal, and airbrush painting-all resulting in a durable and aesthetic home for your pet and your own pleasure.
  • Costs of the homes vary according to the model(s) chosen, size, and amount of detail. Each model can be sized and built proportionatel to satisfy pet size. Prices per house range from just under $1,ooo up to $$15,000+. Each model commissioned requires a 50% deposit and 2-4 weeks for actual construction. Custom designed pet homes to accommodate your personal taste, price range, and pet(s) are available upon request.


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